Thursday, November 6, 2008

WildHeart on the Road

Well, we made the big decision to go full-time in the conservation education/entertainment field! We are very excited about reaching out to our community and state with the conservation message. It is a dream come true! It's a busy time - marketing, scheduling and preparing for a full-time tour schedule...but we're also savoring this new start and new chance.
Next on the schedule is the Kansas City area November 19-21 and Sedalia November 24-25. Hope to be in your area soon.

Eastern Gray Tree Frog in the Window

We spotted a wee tree frog on the glass of our front window this morning...clinging with his toes to a bit of warmth from the house. There's a cold front settling in, and he must know it! We're all getting ready for winter. George is out putting up a new fence for the horse's wintering grounds, I gathered all the fresh basil before the last freeze and made pesto. Yum! We have a gigantic basket of green bell peppers we harvested...trying to save them from a melting frost. Everybody that comes to visit us gets a pile of peppers to take home.