Saturday, July 16, 2011

Frog Hunting by Sophia (George & Jan's daughter)

Well it's about the time of year to go frog hunting... if you like frog legs then you better be outside catching lots and lots of frogs! They're good for you and tasty but if you want some you've got to catch them! What you do is you go where there's a pond or swampy area, and bring a bright flashlight, a net and some waders optional if you have a deep pond) and then wait till it's almost pitch black, and sneak up on frogs like you're not trying to wake anybody up and look around. If you see one you stop, shine your light in their eyes, and it almost blinds them for a second. Then you use your net to scoop him up. You can use one of those gigs just for frog hunting but I like using the net (it's more fun that way). Then you bring them home and eat 'em for dinner. Hope you had fun frog hunting and have a good meal:)